Welcome, D.Gray-man fans! Due to my love for the series, I decided to make this tumblr, dedicated to Hoshino, Katsura's amazing work. I don't claim to own anything posted here. If anyone knows who to credit for anything, or wants something taken down, let us know.

owner, Reni (malomart)

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sherstelle said: I love this blog owo !

thank you for the love!


one-fine-specimen said: hello~ i just finished watching DGM.. so i was wondering on which chapter should i start reading? ^^ i'd appreciate the help~^^ thanks

I started with the anime a few years back, and from there I actually speed-read the entire manga up to the last chapter published. Personally I would recommend reading all of it! I enjoyed watching the art change throughout.

But if you wanna save time so you can get caught up, I suggest starting at chapter 157. I think that’s correct— it’s been a long time since I watched the anime or read the manga (need to catch myself up too), but I went through the chapters and I believe that’s where the anime left off.

If I’m wrong, I invite anyone to help me out with it!


Anonymous said: WHERE ARE YOU? I need more DGM on my dash! xD

I’m sorry! Making an effort to appear was more difficult than anticipated. I was quite busy with¬†preparations¬†for my trip to New York last month, but honestly it really shouldn’t be hard to update either way so— my excuses fall through in the end.

BOTTOM LINE: I’m going to set up a queue more often!!!


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